Music Wars is a browser-based MMORPG in which the player must defend their musical preference in a fierce struggle. The vivid graphics and unorthodox combat system will attract not only passionate music fans but avid gamers of all stripes.

The game is set in SoundCity, the best city on earth. Here the player can join one of the city’s four music cultures and create their own unique style. They’ll get to protect their faction’s interests, vie for control over neighborhoods, and climb to the top of the musical Olympus! Here’s an overview of the game’s key features:

  • A choice of four musical factions: the Melomaniacs, the Rockers, the Urbans, and the Clubbers.
  • Customizable personal studio design and equipment.
  • A wide choice of weapons to help you make a more persuasive case in the great music debate.
  • A great variety of events, quests, and battle objectives. Players will often get into musical arguments with members of their own faction as well as with randomly encountered characters.
  • A pet system providing players with companionship and assistance on their creative journey.
  • Many different character enhancement options available at the beauty parlor.
  • A contest for the title of the city’s best musician!
  • Capturing and defending parts of the city.
  • Massive tactical PvP battles in the arena, where the outcome depends on skill rather than luck.